Monday, December 06, 2010

Making a list, and making it again, and

...making it again.

My mind seems to be in an endless loop. It seems to think that if I just write down everything that's scheduled or needs done it'll all happen. So I keep writing it all down. I have at least three separate formats of everything written down and was considering making a fourth when I realized all that list-making wasn't actually accomplishing anything. I have no resolution to this situation to share. Just thought I'd share my crazy. I'm sure everyone else has their own crazy going now too so I bet you'll understand!


  1. I make my lists too and then when I actually got a moment today, I couldn't find any lists and I couldn't remember any of the things I needed to be doing! I think I just stared out the window for 10 min and then wasted an hour on facebook before remembering anything...